Open Style Zipper Back High Heels


When you want a casual look, these shoes combine the best of both elements. This is due in large part to the woven look of the toe strap. The wide strap looks like several smaller leather straps have been woven together to create a wide strap.



The same kind of look is combined with the top ankle strap only with this it is more leather strap stitching on the top and bottom of a solid wide strap. The rest of the foot is left open to increase airflow and keep you comfortable when it is hot outside. A little elevation in the toes combined with the wide high heels to provide you with additional height you’re going to appreciate with certain outfits. Zipper back means that it will be easy to get into these shoes when you’re in a hurry to complete your look.

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4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 10, 11


Khaki, Black