Flowing T-Back Open Sides Maxi Dress


If you want to stay cool this summer, it can be just as easy as putting on this breezy maxi dress!  This look is so attractive and is versatile enough to be worn with sandals or high heels.

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The back of the dress is left open with the help of a t-strap that runs from your shoulders all the way to just above your butt. The sides and back of the dress are left completely open to provide you with more airflow as well as the ability to have some side cleavage. The front of the dress is all solid without pleats or lines or colors of any kind. Dropping all the way to the base of the maxi length dress, this uniform look is going to make you look as sophisticated and formal as you care to look. 

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Weight 0.6878 lbs

Red, Black


Small, Medium, Large