Long Woolen Pea Coat Style Coat


The wool pea coats given out to the Navy of years past were renowned for their ability to keep you warm in even the harshest temperatures. This is why when you want to stay warm this winter, you’ll find yourself reaching for a coat like this one. 

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The long sleeves end with cuffs at the end that feature a strap and button for adjustable comfort. Six high buttons in the chest allow you to keep the coat closed and add additional warmth up to the straight collar. The hood on the jacket is perfect to keep your head warm in times of extreme cold. Deep reinforced pockets keep your hands warm. Decorative sash and buttons on the back of the jacket as well as pleats help to create a more feminine feel to the jacket. Choose between three different colors to get the one that will best suit your individual wardrobe.

Additional information

Weight 3.9788 lbs

Black, Bluish Green, Dark Gray


Small, Medium, Large