Lace Wrap Around Dress


This lace accented dress is charming and chic. It features the 80s style shoulder pads, that have quickly began making a comeback. The dress has a lace outer lining. The cut of the dress makes this dress unique.  The dress is suitable to adorn, regardless of what time of the year it is.

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This dress features long sleeves, and a low v-neck. The bottom section of the dress comes up, making the dress appear shorter, while the top section meets with the bottom section of the dress in a v shape and the bottom section of the dress has an upward v-appearance. The design on the outer surface of the dress is a mixture of black and white accents. It appears to have various floral designs on its outer surface. A gold colored center piece, helps to bring the bottom section of the dress and the top section of the dress together. The material utilized to create this gorgeous piece is elastic. 

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Weight 1.0487 lbs



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