High Waist Button Front Denim


Retro look have been very trendy among those which are very fashionable. These are pants which have retro and other modern design elements added to them. This look id unique and lovely at the same time.

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These pants use a light blue colored denim material which has a worn look added to it. These pants have a waist area which comes up to a high level. The top of these pants have a hip hugging cut and fit. The front area has a metal button down front. Traditional style rounded pockets have been placed at the hips. The high area of these pants has a very skin close fit. Large pockets have been added to the back of the pants. The pants bell out to create a retro look. The legs of the pants extend just past the ankle area.

Additional information

Weight 4.2020 lbs

Light Blue, Dark Blue


Small, Medium, Large