Skinny Waist Cotton Midi Skirt


You can’t go wrong with this closet essential. In the fall, winter, or springtime this is a great skirt to wear mostly anyplace. This skirt is a thicker fabric so you will be warm and comfortable. It is made from,  so it is soft and feels great on your body.

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The waist line brings a skinny waist effect and then the natural hang of the fabric lets the skirt hid any imperfections in the hips. The skirt comes down past your knees and gives sleek lines to your body but also showing a sexy amount of curve just to peak someone’s interest, but still let there be some mystery. Can you see yourself in this?  More importantly, can you see all the things already in your closet that will go with this skirt? Knowing you already have things to go with this gem makes it an easy purchase.

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